Rushford Academy Day School

Rushford Academy Day School offers State-approved, private, special education services for teens receiving treatment at Rushford Academy, as well as for high school students referred by their local school districts.

male-friends-greeting-each-other-638505962.jpgSuccessful treatment for substance abuse/dual diagnosis takes a variety of disciplines and professional experience. The Rushford Academy multidisciplinary team approach to treatment does exactly that, utilizing the skill and expertise of all members of the treatment team.


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The Program

Rushford Academy School is an approved, private, special education school for students receiving residential services in Rushford’s six month Academy program.

Students may also be referred to Day School programming by local school districts through the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) process. The Rushford Academy Day School provides special education services for high school students struggling with substance use and mental health needs.

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The Curriculum

Adhering to Common Core State Standards, Rushford Academy School tailors classroom and one-on-one instructional sessions to meet the educational needs of each and every student. In addition, teachers and administrators work closely with each student’s home district to ensure state and local educational requirements are met.

Classes at Rushford Academy School are staffed by a State of Connecticut Department of Education-certified special education teacher as well as an educational assistant. Each classroom has a maximum of eight students, allowing each student to receive more one-on-one academic attention and assistance.


All classrooms are equipped with Smart Board© technology and Internet-accessible computers to enhance students’ educational experience.

Art at the Academy
To encourage creative passion, Rushford Academy School provides students with instruction in art. Student take great pride in displaying their art work throughout the school building.

School Pets
For students who enjoy animals, the School is home to two bearded dragons and two leopard geckos. Students wishing to help care for the animals are encouraged to apply for the job of zookeeper.

Career and Vocational Training

At Rushford Academy School, students explore and prepare for the workplace through vocational education. In addition to career and vocational instruction in the classroom, there are opportunities for hands-on, practical job experience.

Student Employment
Obtaining a School Vocational job is like getting any job, as students must fill out an application and go through an interview prior to being hired. Students working school jobs earn “points” to spend at the school store.

Students may apply for several different student jobs at Rushford Academy School, such as:

  1. Zookeeper
  2. Plant Hydration Specialist
  3. Classroom Tutor
  4. Gym Assistant
  5. Art Assistant
  6. School Store Assistant
  7. School Custodian

Plants & Grounds
Every student at Rushford Academy School participates in the plants and grounds programs. Students are responsible for helping staff to maintain the campus grounds – weeding, watering, and planting outside, and caring for indoor plants.

College Visits
For students interested in pursuing higher education after high school, Rushford Academy School visits colleges, universities, and technical training programs throughout the academic year. Many of our graduates have gone on to pursue post-secondary education as a result of these visits and the connections they have made there. Recent tours have included:

  • Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven
  • Middlesex Community College, Middletown
  • Wesleyan University, Middletown
  • Central Connecticut State University, New Britain
  • Lincoln Technical School, Hartford
  • Porter & Chester, Stratford





The Seven Challenges® Program

The Seven Challenges® Program The program helps youth examine the importance of their choices and make healthy decisions on their personal road to recovery. The Seven Challenges® Program has been proven effective in treating both substance abuse along with other mental health and trauma issues. Learn More

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