Adolescent Addiction Treatment

Rushford is the region's leading provider of adolescent addiction treatment programs.

Our continuum of substance abuse services for adolescents includes early intervention, evaluation and assessment, outpatient and residential treatment, and relapse prevention. Our programs utilize evidence based approaches, including The Seven Challenges® Program and GORSKI-CENAPS Model, in providing effective treatment for teen substance use and abuse.

Improving Outcomes for Adolescent Substance Abuse

Traditional approaches to working with adolescents with alcohol and/or drug problems have produced high drop-out rates and disappointing outcomes. Most young people do not seek substance abuse treatment of their own free will. By any definition, they are in the early stages of change. Our programs incorporate the latest research findings in the effective treatment of adolescent substance use and abuse. The first step involves conducting a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the adolescent and his or her family to determine the most effective approach for treatment. Once an approach is developed, we continuously monitor and assess the adolescent’s progress toward achieving treatment goals to ensure the right level of care is being provided at the right time.

For more information on our substance abuse treatment programs for adolescents, please visit the links to the left or call 1.877.577.3233.

  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment

    Rushford makes use of the The Seven ChallengesĀ® Program, which is designed specifically for adolescents with drug problems, to motivate a decision and commitment to change - and to support success in implementing the desired changes.

  • Residential Addiction Treatment

    View Rushford's Adolescent Residential Addiction Treatment options and pick what program is best.